Joe Chernesky

Joe Chernesky

Joe has more than 20 years of general management and P&L experience at Fortune 100 technology companies, private equity, and innovative start-ups. Joe launched VideoLabs as an industry sponsored and funded solution with the primary mission of significantly reducing the cost and risk of patents to all video companies by disrupting the current patent assertion model. Joe also serves on the Board of Directors of several technology companies as well as the non-profit organization, Village Enterprise.

Most recently, from 2012 until 2019, Joe was President of Nagra IP, Inc and Senior Vice President of innovation, intellectual property and corporate development at the Kudelski Group, a Swiss public company and world leader in digital security and convergent media solutions.

Prior to Kudelski, from 2010 to 2012, Joe served as Vice President and General Manager of global licensing at Intellectual Ventures (IV). In this role, Joe led IV’s outbound licensing activities, programs and customer engagements, and managed a broad and diverse team of licensing executives, technologists and other IP professionals worldwide.

In 2004, Joe co-founded IPotential and served as President and Chief Operating Officer. IPotential was one of the first high-tech patent brokerages and was also a leading provider of IP strategy and patent monetization services.

Prior to IPotential, from 2001 through 2004, Joe served as Vice President of Boeing Management Company, where he was responsible for its IP policy, strategies and initiatives. He also served concurrently as director of IP business for The Boeing Company.

Before joining Boeing, Joe was one of the first MBA graduates to enter the high-tech patent field when he joined Intel in 1996. At Intel, he held several management positions in IP licensing and business development, new product development and corporate treasury.

Throughout his career, Joe has managed and participated in patent monetization transactions that have generated in excess of $2B in revenue. Based this experience and these results, Joe has also been consistently recognized as one of IAM’s top 40 IP deal makers and top 300 IP strategists.

Joe earned a BS and MBA from the University of Arizona and served for 10 years as a US naval officer in various assignments throughout the world.

Joe has too many hobbies most of which include exploration – extensive travel with his family, flying around California as a private pilot, and competing in a plethora of exercise challenges and competitions.