Mark Nell

Mark Nell

Mark is an accomplished IP Professional with a track record of licensing high profile patent portfolios as well as implementing buy and sell programs for intellectual property assets. In 1989, Mark began his career at BTG in London, an intellectual property company with a world-famous history of creating value by investing in R&D and licensing the resulting patents to industry. Included in some of BTG’s most well- known licensing programs were the monetization of patents relating to the MRI Spin Warp Echo, Daily Disposable Contact Lenses, Two-Part Hip Cup, Cholesterol Assays and Pyrethrin insecticides. Mark participated in the licensing programs for both the MRI and the Pyrethrin portfolios. Also, while at BTG, Mark participated in the patent licensing and sale programs for the Reisman portfolio that covered key aspects of over-the-air software updates for mobile phones, the WebNav portfolio that covered search- based web navigation technology, and the Celltrace licensing program focused on SIM card technology. During his time at BTG, Mark participated in patent licensing and sale deals that generated over $150M of revenue.

In addition to running licensing programs, Mark has considerable experience in patent acquisitions and divestitures. From 2006 to 2008, Mark worked with Interdigital to identify best in class assets to support Interdigital’s telecoms licensing programs. Also, from 2008-2011, Mark worked with Coller Capital to dispose of patent assets acquired from ETRI, IBM and Philips.

More recently, in 2012, Mark joined Joe Chernesky and Bill Goldman at the Kudelski Group as Head of Licensing, EMEA. His responsibilities included developing and implementing licensing programs for EMEA specifically. Through Mark’s efforts, Kudelski licensed its patents broadly in EMEA and generated over $60M in licensing revenue.

In total, Mark has managed patent licensing and sales transactions totaling more than $250M.

Mark has a B.S. in Economics from Potchefstroom University, South Africa. He has been an active speaker on IP matters and has represented Kudelski at numerous IP conferences around the world.