Our Unique Approach

VideoLabs’ mission is to disrupt and transform the current model of patent licensing and significantly drive down the cost and risk of patents through our industry-sponsored patent collective platform. This first-of-its-kind platform is designed to be efficient and fair to video patent users and owners. Leveraging an unparalleled amount of video patent intelligence, VideoLabs serves its members by pooling member contributions and acquiring only the patents of value to its members, which supports patent owners who have contributed important innovations.

VideoLabs Commitments:

  • To reinvest a majority of the company’s revenue for member benefit, not shareholder return
  • To provide a low-cost, predictable and equitable membership fee structure
  • To never profit from litigation
  • To maintain a deep expertise on video patents and share that knowledge across the collective
  • To be continually guided by members through a Member Advisory Committee
  • To partner with others in the industry who are motivated to reduce the cost and risk of patents
  • To provide the best option for innovators who wish to receive fair, just and timely compensation for their patents
  • To continually work to provide true, low cost design freedom in video for our members