A Platform for Collaborative Action

VideoLabs will partner with companies and service providers focused on reducing the cost and risk of video patents. The platform is designed to be collaborative, efficient and fair to patent users and owners.

How We Help

VideoLabs is focused on bringing greater efficiency to the patent system. VideoLabs identifies and acquires valuable patents highly relevant to the technology industry. Members and licensees gain access to the most valuable patent rights worldwide in the exploding segment of video, clearing significant risk and allowing them to design and innovate freely without unnecessary costs or fear of litigation. By accurately assessing the quality of all video patents and purchasing only the most impactful video patents, VideoLabs disrupts a system marred by low-quality patents. It also encourages innovation by compensating owners of important patents equitably for their contributors.


Deep Knowledgebase

VideoLabs’ approach is unique because of its singular and deep focus on video-related technology. With the explosion of the creation and consumption of video over the internet and more than 1.4 million active video patents worldwide, there is an urgent need for a service that gives companies the knowledge, freedom and confidence to efficiently create and innovate in this segment. The VideoLabs team has spent years cataloging and analyzing known video patents, gaining unparalleled insight into which patents are impactful and which are not. Leveraging and sharing this knowledge, VideoLabs provides a valuable service to the industry.

Deep knowledge of all Video Patents, Technology, and Companies

Patent Clearance

Low cost model where the majority of Membership fees are used to fund clearance of the highest risk patents

Full Value, No Risk Patent Compensation

Best monetization option for companies – cash, fixed annual payments or share of VideoLabs’ profits


License to all patents acquired during term or individually selected portfolios. Low annual fee and portfolio pricing options based on rate card. Access to all available services at Preferred Member Rates.


Fairly priced licenses to all or portions of VideoLabs’ portfolio at time of license.

Current Services
Strategic IP Advising

Review and assistance with member IP strategies, plans and goals

Transactions Support

Assist members in litigation, acquisitions, M&A and other video IP transactions and negotiations

Patent Analysis

Provide access to VideoLabs’ extensive patent analysis database and support IP transactions

Defensive Licensing Assistance

Support video patent licensing engagement

Planned Services
Video Patent Landscape Intelligence
Assertion Activity Intelligence
Competitor Analysis
Syndicated Acquisitions
Insight Sessions
Patents for Defense

Additional Information

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