Members receive efficient and low-cost access to the most valuable video patents available. In the process, they significantly reduce the risk and cost of patents while enabling freedom to design.

VideoLabs is led by IP licensing veterans who have spent two years cataloguing and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the more than 1.4 million active video patents worldwide. This superior knowledge base allows VideoLabs to pay patent owners fairly and to clear the risk that matters to its members.

Yes, we have closed a Series A funding round led by Soryn IP Group and Bardin Hill Investment Partners.  Our long-term business model is based on industry funding.

We believe that the inefficient patent system needs to be addressed through a focused approach. With the explosion of video and more than 1.4 million active video patents worldwide, there is an urgent need for more efficiency in this area. By becoming the subject-matter experts on video patents and the video marketplace, we can make highly informed decisions quickly and focus our members’ contributions to be the buyer of choice for important video patents.

VideoLabs’ normal process is to acquire a portfolio, offer licenses to that portfolio to Members and interested non-members, and then to divest the portfolio to one or more entities. In certain limited circumstances, it may be more efficient and lower cost for VideoLabs to license directly. We hope we never have to litigate, and it will never be our preference.

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