What We Do



VideoLabs is an industry-sponsored patent collective platform providing low-cost and efficient access to some of the most valuable patent rights in technology supporting video. The platform offers an innovative alternative to conventional patent licensing practices. It clears significant risk for patent users while fairly and justly compensating innovators who have contributed truly valuable IP to the industry.


An intellectual property environment that is efficient, respected and balanced, where technology companies have predictable, low-cost design freedom, and innovators who contribute impactful patented inventions can obtain fair and just compensation.



To disrupt the current model of patent licensing and significantly drive down the cost and risk of patents through our industry-sponsored patent collective platform.

Who We Are

What We Have in Common

A shared belief that a more efficient, balanced and respected patent system will benefit all. By working together to identify the most valuable patents in the industry, we believe innovators will make better, more informed decisions that will ultimately lower the cost and risk of patents for everyone while compensating patent owners on a true merit basis.



Patent Portfolio Heritage



License to all patents owned and acquired during the member term. Access to all available services at preferred Member Rates. Fixed or variable annual fee options based on rate card. License On Transfer rights.


Fairly priced term licenses to all or portions of VideoLabs portfolio as requested.


Patent Analysis

Access to VideoLabs’ proprietary video patent knowledgebase.

Transactions Support

Assistance to members for licensing, litigation, acquisitions, M&A, and other video IP transactions and negotiations.

Defensive Licensing Assistance

Support for video patent licensing engagements.

Strategic IP Advice

Assistance with member IP strategies, plans and goals.